After two and a half years working as the field officer for the Herd Improvement Centre (HICO) in Colac, we have returned to dairy farming, buying a 150 acre property at Kyabram in Northern Victoria. The property is set up for flood irragation and we look forward to the challenge of learning this type of pasture management.

During our time away from milking Roger Heath of Wanstead Jerseys and Noel’s parents have maintained a core of our Stud herd. We truly appreciate the Great job done on both farms looking after our girls, and its Great to have them all back together.

We hope to milk 130 cows while still carrying our young stock at home.

We have run Embryo programs from November until May each year. We have had international interest from South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Indonesia and the U.S.A. and in recent years have sent embryos to U.S.A.,
China, New Zealand and South Africa aswell as bulls to India, and Malaysia.

We regularly have bulls enter P.T. programs

Currently in waiting and available in 2013 are,
Aries at CRV
Vipor at CRV
Rascal at Huon AB
Bozo at Huon AB
Shaq at Huon AB

Our Proven bulls Currently available include
Sandblast at Agri Gene
Tailboard (limited) at Genetics Australia
Hipflask (very limited) at Genetics Australia

Our Notable cow families,

From Australia ;
Sandra, Davinia, Benita, Princess, Fernleaf, Magnificent, Iris, Maybell.

From America ;
Flower, Babe, Champs, Kelli, Golden, Telca, Meg, Gail, Becky, Belle.

From Canada ;
Nellie, Jessica, Grove, Jennifer, Charo.

From NZ ;
Dee, Topsy.

Holstein ;
Jackie, Sash, Carly and Perfection.

We have tested a majority of our cows for A2 a complete list of Animals tested A2/A2 is available for those interested in these genes.


Sandblast, Valentino, Irwin, TBone

Calves by
Sandblast, Gregstar, Louie, Topeka, Marvel, Sambo, TBone, Branson, Tailboard, Elton.

Yearlings by,
Sandblast, Elton, Vanahlem, Parade Louie.

Heifers to calve in 2013 by
Hipflask, Sandblast, Reserection, Navara, Vipor, Nathan, Spiritual, Sassafras, Blackstone, Rascal, Louie, Tailboard.

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