Our Very first embryo purchase from were 4 B Grade Alf embryos from Heartland B Bold Venture Kelli VG88
They resulted in 3 heifers and 1 bull (Kamikaze) who was tested through RAB

They have bred some of our finest individuals

Nowell Alf Kelli HC had 3 daughters, a Graber Ex, a Noorat Ex and a Declo Ex 91.

Nowell Graber Kelli VHC had one daughter before her untimely death

Nowell Franchise Kelli 3 VHC

2.4 5798m 4.1% 236kgf 3.2% 186kgp 305days.
1st 3yo NEJCC OFC 2007

She has 3 daughters by Blackstone
The first to calve went Ex92 on her second calf and looks a treat.

Alf Kelli’s 2nd daughter

Nowell Noorat Kelli VHC
Sire : Noorat, Dam : Nowell Alf Kelli HC
4.8 5784m 4.34% 251kgf 3.86% 223kgp

Noorat Kelli’s first daughter, (Pictured below) sired by All American, has matured into one special cow.

Noorat Kelli has a Centurian heifer to calve in 2014

Nowell AA Kelli Ex 91 (Due in June to Gregstar)
Sire : All American,
x Noorat x Alf x Bold Venture 88pt x Boomer Sooner

Alf Kelli’s 91 point daughter

Nowell Declo Kelli VHC 91
Sire : Declo, Dam : Nowell Alf Kelli HC

Declo Kelli is a big powerful cow that combines Strength and Dairyness.
She has an awesome rear udder. She is due again this Autumn to Nowell Nelson


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