Rebob Berretta Nellie Ex Can.
The foundation of our Great Nellie Family. Our opinion on the Nellies.

Rebob Berretta Nellie Ex (Can)
1-11 305  6531   290 kgf  246 kgp
 3-3   305   9334   411 kgf  357kgp  
  5-3   305 10077   417 kgf  361 kgp  
  6-6   305 11505   558 kgf  422 kgp  
  8-0   305 10197   504 kgf  396 kgp
We’ve had Barber, Lester and Pitino daughters

Nowell Barber Nellie VHC                  

3.4yrs 7844l 4.11% 322kgf  3.94% 309kgp                             

5.2yrs 4482l 4.69% 210kgf  3.64% 163kgp 169days                
Has a Graber and  Paramount daughters   

Cable Rose Paramount Nellie
She is a Paramount daughter of
Nowell Barber Nellie VHC
Now owned by Nowell Jerseys

Nowell Graber Nellie VHC
2-5y 5248 4.61% 242f 3.70% 194p 276days
3-4y 5951 5.21% 310f 3.78% 210p 305days
Champion Dairy Cow Tallangatta Show 2008

Graber Nellie is a Graber daughter of Nowell Barber Nellie VHC

Barber Nellie’s Granddaughter

Burnleigh Rebel Nellie 87pt @ 2yo
Owned by Meldan Jerseys


                                                                                                                                                                   Fair View Downs Pitino Nellie HC+
2.4yrs 4966l 5.40% 268kgf 4.13% 205kgp

3.7yrs 7942l 4.44% 353kgf  3.83% 304kgp
Has a VHC Taranak and a VHC Flowerpower daughter

Fair View Downs Lester Nellie VHC
2.5yrs 5056l 5.52% 279kgf 4.00% 202kgp
3.7yrs 6899l 4.86% 335kgf 3.62% 250kgp

Has a Lester Sambo Grand daughter.

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