Nowell Sandblast



                                                    Kaddy Sandy Illagay 14 Ex

                                       Somersleigh SB Surprise Ex 90

                                               Somersleigh SB Dots Ex 91 3yo

                               Homelands Sandblast Sarah VG 86

Kaddy Sandy Rose 18 VG 88 (Max 2yo)
P.I.’ing at 121 in the Kaddy herd


Kaddy Sandy 4190 87pts

Kaddy Sandy Dainty  87pts

ABV 08/11 
No.1 for Prt KGs at 38
No.1 for Fat KGs at 40
No 1 for JSI
No. 1 for ASI at 270
No.1 for APR at321
110 O.T. 111 M.S.

He is the Flower-power son of Rye Valley Admiral Sandra 2nd Sup Ex.
He is tested A2/A2. 

Daughter reports contnue to please.

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